Exploring my fellow bloggers!

Exploring my fellow bloggers!

Hello again! (Crickets? Yes, no?) OK, so while finishing up my gallon of Blue Bell Vanilla ice cream for this week it has been confirmed that I need some blogging 101 skills. Apparently, from all my wonderful skills blogging is the only skill I do not have. Maybe I need more time to think to spice up my topic or maybe if I was making dolla, dolla bills y’all I would have more motivation. In any case don’t go I was just kidding… or was I ?? No just kiddin’! On a serious note I am trying my hardest and because I am, I decided to search for other bloggers in general and some ice cream connoisseur bloggers. Thankfully I found some fabulous blogs! I am ashamed… tsk tssk Christina. I will continue to view these great blogs before my next ice cream post but be careful with those high expectations for now.  

Out of the few blogs I have ran across I think I found my spirit blogger, Lindsay with, if the spoon fits! First, she had me at ice cream and gorgeous ice cream photography! Secondly, she had me at turquoise blog pages and ice cream recipes. Her blog flows nicely and is user friendly. The one thing that caught my eye from any page on the bottom footer is her Archives drop down menu. She has been blogging on and off monthly since July 2013. About seven years blogging is very interesting and inspiring.  

Her most recent post in April 2019 looks like something I would eat for breakfast! Belgian Buttermilk Waffle Ice Cream with Sweet Blueberry Compote. Try saying that five times! At this point I am very blogged intimidated, yet at the same time blessed to have discovered this incredible blog with tasty ice cream treats. These recipes all look great and seem easy to try at home. Although don’t completely abandon the amazing Blue Bell Vanilla, Chocolate, Tin Roof, Rocky Road… Oh my! Have I mentioned Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream?!

Belgian Buttermilk Waffle Ice Cream with Sweet Blueberry Compote. Photo by ©If the Spoons Fits.
Belgian Buttermilk Waffle Ice Cream with Sweet Blueberry Compote. Photo by ©If the Spoons Fits.

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